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Every growth has been through appraisal. Whether it is for professionals, students, housewives, workers or any category of people, without an appraisal there has been no growth and without a performance there has been no appraisal.

In today’s competitive world, a student too can enter any career only based on his/her performance in various national level entrance examination, for admissions into large number of recognized institutes across the country. Similarly, for making a career in government sector (Banking/Insurance/Railways/etc.), a student has to compete with large number of peers and improve his chances by performing better.

To ensure that, one secures a good score and a tops the exam for a better career, one always looks forward not only for institutes which can prepare for these entrance examinations but also for institute which can mentor the candidate continuously.

Are you passionate about

  • Starting/ enlarging new business opportunity and wear the entrepreneurial shoes?
  • Entering a billion-dollar market and capturing the untapped area with zeal and attitude
  • Teaching / mentoring and being the catalyst for the change required in a student’s life?

Do you look forward to?

  • Building a sustainable long term career in the education and test prep sector.
  • Being associated with a group that has made a remarkable difference in the education sector, in the field of training for MBA and other entrance exams.
  • Being part of a group headed by alumnus of IIMs/XLRI with over 60+ man years of experience in education and training.
  • Being part of India’s first online; live delivery MBA program to untapped customers.

VistaMind, with its expertise and service quality, provides the preparation requirement for national level entrance examination to students across the country. The delivery mode of training has been online and offline mode to ensure access to every target audience.

VistaMind is promptly looking to get Business Partners on board at various locations across the country to impart quality training to aspiring students.  The Business Partners will operate under the guidance of VistaMind management and will be constantly supported by VistaMind team in terms Planning, Strategizing, Materials, etc.

What type of Franchisee to apply for?

We at VistaMind, provide platform to individuals who would like to take up business venture as well as for those who would like to work as freelancer and understand the depth before plunging as a business partner. For this very reason VistaMind offers two modes of Franchisee/Business Partner model to individuals interested to come on board.

  • Service Franchisee
    • Service Franchisee is the brick and mortar model for operating VistaMind Brand in the specific city.
    • It involves all kinds of investment required for managing a retail space and enrolling students to any of our retail courses and providing quality training and mentoring to individual student.
    • This model is ideal to Individuals who would like to proceed with having a full-time business venture and have the ability to take risk and have fire in belly to perform day in and day out.
    • Click here if it interests you.
  • Marketing Franchisee
    • Marketing Franchisee is a click and mortar model for operating VistaMind Brand in the online space for the specific region.
    • It involves no investment and is all about promoting the brand to the right target audience and converting the target group to respective courses.
    • This model is for selling online courses offered by VistaMind education and ensuring that word of mouth and scalability is achieved over the period.
    • This model provides a pay-out to any individual based on their conversions per candidate.
    • Ideal for individuals who would like to use the market knowledge and grow in the field of education before plunging into taking a business venture.
    • Click here if it interests you.

Why to Apply for Franchisee?

  • Fast growing brand with Proven Success and Promising Future
  • Latest Technology Support
  • Excellent Return on Investment
  • Complete Training / Admin / Recruitment Support
  • Continuous Product Development
  • Offering bucket of services for sustainability and consistence growth.

Who should Apply for Service Franchisee?

  • An individual or group with desire to make it big in the education industry, holding lots of passion, enthusiasm to teach and ability to mentor students.
  • A management graduate preferably from a Top B-School.
  • Individual/ group with Experience in the education sector will be an added advantage.
  • In depth knowledge of city, well established network among the colleges, education institutes, students, etc.
  • Good understanding of business, industry, competitive examinations and management skills.
  • Ability to make the required investment depending upon the market size.
  • Adequate space at a central location with well-designed infrastructure and basic amenities.
  • All necessary funds arrangements for daily expenses, advertising and promotional expenses.
  • Willingness to recruit adequate number of staff members for smooth business operations.

Who should Apply for Marketing Franchisee?

  • An individual with lots of passion, enthusiasm and ability to mentor students.
  • An extrovert with ability to penetrate market and interact on individual levels at various institutes.
  • In depth knowledge of city, well established network among the colleges, education institutes, students, etc.
  • Interested in being financially independent with zero risk and ensuring the growth of the business to be the objective.

Process to Apply?

  • Fill the Franchise Application/ Evaluation form. Click Here.
  • If shortlisted, visit by VistaMind team
  • If recommended, meeting at VistaMind Head Office
  • If approved, sign the franchise agreement
  • Training for Centre Director by VistaMind
  • Furnishing of place and recruitment of team members
  • Training of academic and marketing team at location by VistaMind
  • Prepare launch Plan, execute, launch
  • Enjoy success

1. History of VistaMind

VistaMind started its operations in 2012 across 6 cities in the country including 3 metros. The cities are- Bangaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, Lucknow, Kanpur and Mysore.
It has been started by a team of 5 IIM/XLRI alumni members with over 60 years of MBA training experience. They have trained more than 1,35,000 students and sent 1,000s of them into the IIMs and top LAW colleges in the last 10 years, before starting VistaMind. The team was running the franchisee of T.I.M.E. Pvt Ltd in the same cities before they launched their own brand.

VistaMind opened its first franchisee center in Nagpur last year and wishes to appoint franchisees for key CLAT markets  now.

  • In a short span of 2 year, VistaMind is already the most talked about LAW training institute in the country. 176 students of VistaMind have received 544 final selections into top LAW College alone in CLAT 2012. This means that about 6% students joining the top LAW Colleges this year would be VistaMind students.
  • In just one year, we have more than 55,000 likes on our Facebook page, more than half of our competitors who have been in the market for about 20 years.
  • Our monthly magazine VistaCareer has been very much appreciated by the students and is given free of cost to all the students. Its online version can also be freely downloaded from our website.

2. What are the courses for which I can get the franchisee?

VistaMind has the following products-

  • CAT/CMAT/MBA training o Training for all major national level MBA entrance exams
  • Campus Alliance Program o Training students of engineering/graduation and post graduation colleges for campus placements
  • Law Entrance Preparation o Training for CLAT/LSAT/SET and other major national level Law entrance exams
  • Government/SSC/Bank PO Training o Training for Government, SSC, Railways, LIC, IBPS (Bank PO/Clerk) exams

Based on the interest and investment ability, franchisee for one or more of these products can be offered.

3. On what parameters will I be evaluated on pre and post applying for franchise?

A franchisee will be evaluated on

  • Education Qualification
  • Nature of work experience
  • Investment ability and, most importantly
  • Passion for education

An existing franchisee of non-competing coaching centres may also apply.

4. What is the scope of success in being a franchise?

With proven methods and systems in place, guidance and regular support from the franchisor, the chances of success improve dramatically while running franchisee operations. However, the franchisee will have to put in the required effort and build a committed and qualified team to ensure success.

5. What level of involvement will be required from the franchisee?

We prefer the franchisee to be personally involved in the running of operations. It would be preferable, if the franchisee is from a Top B-School and/or has teaching experience andhence he can be involved in teaching. He will definitely need to be involved in marketing and promotion of the courses offered.

6. Can I opt for more than one franchisee ?

We prefer to give a separate franchisee. The franchisee is exclusive for every city provided that the franchisee is able to tap the entire potential of the courses in the city. He has the option of adding more centres in the city. Based on the performance, more courses can be offered to the franchisee.

7. Will there be any control from HO over my operations?

Our franchisee system will give you a unique opportunity to run an independent operation on your own with training, guidance and support from us. We will be partners in business and instead of controlling, we believe in the principle of collaborating for better performance.

8. What if I do not have any prior experience in this industry?

That will not be a problem at all. Our comprehensive training modules will give you the required knowledge of the industry and equip you with all the tools and techniques to become a successful entrepreneur in the education sector.

9. Do I need to be a management graduate to apply for a franchise?

While, it is not a precondition, we have a very strong preference for management graduates.

10. What are the chances of having a company owned centre in the area of my franchise operations?

We have clearly identified cities where we plan to run franchisee operations and cities which will be company owned centres. Hence there is no chance of having a company owned centre in the area where a franchises operates.

11. What is an average expenditure in setting up and running of business?

The investment required would be between 15-40 lacs depending on the city and time required to break even. This amount includes initial license fee, set up cost, marketing expenses and working capital requirements. We expect the business to break even in the second/third year depending on the performance of the franchisee.

12. What is the system followed on accounting?

The franchisee shall incorporate a Proprietorship or Pvt Ltd company, exclusively for the purpose of running VistaMind franchisee. All the accounting will be done at the franchisee level and all the staff members will be on the payrolls of this company.
After payment of Service Tax and Royalty, the franchisee shall use the remaining funds to meet all his expenses.

13. For how many years will the agreement be valid?

The agreement will be valid for a period of 3 years and can be renewed further. The License Fee payable on renewal is fixed at the start only and is at a discount to the initial licensee fee.

14. What are the payments to be made to VistaMind by a franchisee?

A franchisee pays an upfront License Fee for taking the franchisee. After starting the operations, the franchisee pays royalty on fee collected and royalty on material. All the training, guidance and support provided by VistaMind as specified in the franchisee agreement, will be done at the cost of VistaMind. For any other support, the franchisee will be required to pay at cost.

15. Can a franchise be applied by an individual or a group or a trust?

While we prefer to give franchisee to individuals, in special cases we can look at more than one partner owning running the centre. We do not give franchisee to Trusts.

16. What support is provided by the HO?

On signing of the agreement, the franchisee shall received an Orientation Training at our Head Office in Bangaluru where he would be given general overview of business, product training, systems training (including our website, online student management and indenting process, mobile apps, etc) marketing strategies, accounts and taxation and admin training.

The franchisee shall be allotted one dedicated franchisee Manager who will be their one point contact for all requirement.

VistaMind shall assist the franchisee in identifying the right location and people for starting the operations.

Once the team is in place, VistaMind would provide marketing, counseling and academic training at franchisee location.

VistaMind would assist in devising a launch strategy and execution of the same

VistaMind would provide all its software, systems and processes for running of the operations

The entire study material for all courses and artworks for marketing activities will be provided by VistaMind.

17. Why should I take VistaMind franchisee as against any other LAW coaching institute ?

As the promoters of VistaMind have themselves been franchisees in the same business for more than 10 years each, they understand the franchisee and his requirements better. Hence, we have come up with a franchisee plan that is best suited to the franchisee-

  • We are the most innovative and technology friendly institute.
  • The Licensee Fee is charged is the minimum in the industry. The License Fee payable on renewal is fixed at the start only and is at a discount to the initial licensee fee.
  • We have the lowest royalty structure in the industry
  • In case the franchisee wishes to discontinue operations due to personal/professional reasons, there is an option to transfer the franchisee.